Festive World Fusion

Looking for a Christmas experience like no other? To view our special Festive Fusion Menus head over to our news section.

Brunch, Lunch & Dinner

From a full English breakfast in Preston’s city centre to a social dining experience in the ornate dining room. PLAU has an extensive range of world-inspired cuisine including a great range of Vegetarian & Vegan options.

Full English Breakfast - Vegetarian & Vegan options available.

Sunday Feasting - Traditional flavours.

Sunday Feasting - Traditional flavours.

Sweet, Savoury & Vegan dishes from our daily Brunch & Lunch Menu

Sweet, Savoury & Vegan dishes from our daily Brunch & Lunch Menu

Small Plates & Social Dining


Sit Before Six

Enjoy more of our small plates for less. Sit before Six is special offer Tuesday to Friday 4:30pm to 6pm. Simply book a table before 6pm and enjoy 10% off food from our dining menu.

Sharing quality food with friends and loved ones.

How it works

Our Dining menu consists of a variety of small plates, as opposed to a traditional 3 course dining setting. The theme is all about sharing, rather than ordering food specifically for you. We recommend sharing between 6 to 8 plates per couple. The small plates are served the moment our talented chefs have freshly prepared them in the kitchen. This means that not all dishes arrive at your table at the same time. A plate that takes longer to prepare will arrive a short time after those which are quicker to prepare. This ensures your food is as fresh and delicious as possible.

Allergen advice

Please be advised that due to the nature of our food preparation, our kitchen is not best suited for those with medical issues from cross-contamination from allergens. For example, we bake our own bread daily, therefore it is likely that gluten will be present in the air. If the presence of Gluten, no matter how small presents a medical issue for yourself then we strongly advise you not to dine with us. Doing so would be at your own risk. Please speak to us in advance of your booking for further information and assistance.