Festive World Fusion

Want a Christmas dining experience like no other? Take a look at our Festive World Fusion menus running from the 2nd of December to the 12th of January.

How it works…

We have a set sharing menu and a special dining menu running through the Christmas period. The set menu is available at Brunch & Lunchtimes as well as evening dining. Once you’ve booked you simply have to tell us how many of your party require option A (which is vegetarian) or option B. You will be served all three dishes under each option along with Carbs & Sides. Desserts can be added by choice to the Lunch offerings - see the dessert options at the bottom of the menu. Desserts are included during Dinner service.

As few as 2 people can book in to have our set menu. Groups larger than 8 will need to get in touch.

PLAU Festive Set Menu-WebReady.jpg

Evening Dining

For those of you who love to pick and choose from our great dishes have that option too! Our regular dining menu will be replaced with our Festive World Fusion Menu. Please note, groups larger than 8 people will be limited to our set menu and will not be able to choose dishes from this menu.

Festive World Fusion.png

We’re now open to bookings and you can book online here. Please note, deposits may be required to secure your booking.